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Let’s Identify Your Goals—and How to Work Towards Them

At Payette River, we deliver clarity for your wealth management needs. Clients comes to us because they want to go down a better, straightforward path to reach financial security and independence. We know how to create the plans that will help make that happen. Our entire mission is to make sure you’re set up for short, mid, and long-term success.

Our Approach

We passionately believe that we’ve developed a way to prevent our clients from ever “feeling lost” about the next steps for reaching their goals.

You want to work with a firm that’s engaged and works to constantly analyze your portfolio. Not only that, it’s crucial to assess all aspects of your life planning too. That’s what we seek to offer. Our structured, holistic process helps guide clients through volatility and alleviate their concerns. We have adaptive solutions—and we always have a plan.


You deserve a team that will proactively address your financial concerns. Most people generally know what they want for their future. But they often have no idea how to get there. We’re here to help you feel confident about the road ahead.


Organizing your finances doesn’t need to be daunting. We’ll help you navigate every actionable item within our Planning Pathway Workbook. Each stage is customized according to your personal goals.


We purposefully meet with clients annually during the first quarter to review their year-over-year snapshot, which includes an annual financial statement. Our analysis of your balance sheet, net worth statement, and cash flow summary will help guide your planning and measure your progress.

What We Do

Financial Wellness

  • Help get organize
  • Initial financial health assessment
  • Quarterly progress tracking and reporting
  • Financial Q&A sessions

Creating a strong financial foundation is essential to building a achieving what’s most important to you. With the help of The Elements Financial Monitoring System we’ll help you understand how financially healthy you are and get you started on the right path toward financial wellness.

Our firm drives clients down a tactical investment approach. We’ll help prepare you for financial security with a hands-on portfolio design, consulting, and strategic recommendations that center around growing your wealth.

Investment Management

  • Build and Protect Your Savings
  • Proactive Asset Allocation Strategy
  • Liquidity and Income Needs Analysis
  • Ongoing Risk Assessments

Tax Planning

  • Managing Your Tax Liabilities
  • Forecasted Tax Assessments
  • Collaborative Approach
  • Targeted Retirement Allocations

We want to get ahead of the problems and eliminate the stress of a frantic end-of-year tax game. Because our process includes multiple check-ins throughout the year, we work to provide clarity and ensure that you’ll have time to make the right, strategic modifications.

Our firm delivers proactive planning for estate tax liability. We understand the options available for estate tax mitigation, and we’re here to help clients honor their legacy by both designing and implementing reliable strategies to transfer their wealth.

Estate Planning

  • Meaningful Legacy Generation
  • Estate Planning Flowchart
  • Asset Allocation Assessment
  • Comprehensive Will and Trust Reviews

Insurance Planning

  • Risk Identification and Loss Prevention
  • Alternative Asset Class Allocation
  • Liquidity and Income Needs Analysis
  • Advanced Estate Tax Planning

Should the worst happen, we want you to feel confident that you’ll be able to rebuild. Our annual stress test reviews help verify that you have the appropriate coverage and that your insurance will work the way it needs to work—when you and your family need it most.


With Our Planning Pathway, You Don’t Have To Feel Lost

When Can We Meet?

An initial consultation typically lasts 30 minutes. During this time, we’ll begin to explore your financial goals and dreams. Then we can start moving down the path to make them happen.

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